Takeo Kasubukuro

日本生まれ。 イラストレーター、絵描き、時々彫刻家。



I was born in Japan.

Illustrator , Painter , Designer .

I like RocknRoll and Monster , Movie , Delusion , A novel , Back alley , Surrealism , Manga.

First of all, what implications are included in screaming “screaming” by screaming painters?

I think screaming is perhaps the oldest language and expression of emotion. From the time I lived in hunter gathering, I continued to express human emotions without changing even in the modern era which carries out a part of my life on the Internet. Emotions and sorrows, every emotion will accompany screaming when they reach the apex.

Such primitive and scary scream that can be said to be reflexive is not just external things accompanied by voices for myself, but inside things that scream without actually shouting are not unusual either.

For example, an inner scream occurs as admiration when it is regretful, happy, painful, encounters good things, and when you hit your heart.

And above all, I like rock music, and I feel strange attraction at the so-called “shout” that voices in that singing, as well as something that goes with the screaming scout described above, and as a word expressing myself as myself It was thought that it was optimal, and it caught “screaming” in front of a painter.

In this way, “screaming” means that the meaning as primitive evolution of various emotions and the taste for rock music forming the backbone of the author and Takeo Kasubukuro resonate and is used as a word expressing identity There.

I dropped a long lecture, but in short it is making cool stuff.

I organize Zeckyo-Studio , it craft and sell my graphic goods.

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